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My name is Jimi Ellis, Manchester UK.

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Originally from North Wales U.K. My personality is quite bubbly and light hearted, I try not to take anything too seriously but have my quiet moments as we all do.

I love to play guitar, paint with acrylics, write, take walks and basically use my inquisitive nature in reading everything I can about everything, whether I understand it or not (usually not).

Designing  jimbase.com Website has been a venture from start to where it is now where i have learned everything from a starting point of knowing absolutely nothing about Web design.

I decided to invest in this site because of my love of writing and all my articles are my original work. I have no particular niche’ with this site. I am not selling any product. It is purely an accumulation of my articles and fun things to do with a base of links to reputable websites that have been checked by myself  to fill in that bored moment you may have in your day.

I am the one and only Administrator, there is no “team” of people and all research is done by myself including the technical side of things, all with a battered Laptop and a G3 dongle without phone connection (i like to take my laptop wherever i go).

So!  Thanks for reading this profile, if you have got this far then thank you for visiting my Website. I would really appreciate any links you have i.e Facebook/Twitter etc and of course get in touch if i can do anything within my power to help on any subject and of course i look forward to any constructive ideas you may have. In the meantime, be well and don’t have too many bored moments.

See you soon,,,, Jimi.

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jimbase.com does not claim to own exclusive rights on all images and videos published. All sources i use to create my articles are and will be credited with a proper linkback. However, i am hosting a lot of uncredited material from unknown authors i recieved via mails, from friends and my readers. If you own copyrights to any material such as images or data and you want me to remove it from my pages, contact me to claim your ownership and i will either credit you and your website with a link, or if you wish  completely remove the content. I respect Copyright where i can find the original source. 

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