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Some of the most dangerous holiday destinations in the world

Thinking of that lovely holiday this year?  Not sure where to go? Well I’ve been travelling the virtual world and come up with some of the most dangerous holiday destinations in the world. Of course if you fancy being mugged, taken for ransom, shot or disappearing forever then book any of the following.


Rio de Janiero, Brazil  

corcovado brazil 225x300 Dangerous holiday destinations


Of course, we all want to see the statue, we want to join the carnival and be one of the beautiful people, but the murder rate in Rio is 37 in every 100,000. The murder rate in Brazil is four times higher than that of the USA and crimes such as mugging, gang violence, and shootings make it a risky place indeed. Definitely not a place to flash your new iPhone while walking late at night. Then you could take an Amazon adventure trip hoping you’re going to make it back to the airport after dodging the Black Caimans, jaguars, army ants and Piranhas and that’s after visiting one of the local islands where they have one to five deadly snakes per square metre.

Cape Town, South Africa

While natural beauty is to be seen from every viewpoint, Capetown has serious poverty, especially prominent in the townships, carjacking, high rates of traffic accidents and serious crime rate highly. The population suffers from an HIV epidemic and kidnapping is prevalent. Not a place to take a taxi ride to the townships for a night out.

View from Jaulian pakistan 300x225 Dangerous holiday destinations

View from Jaulian Pakistan


The US Government have recently issued warnings against any nonessential trips to Pakistan, due to terrorist attacks within the country.  These dangers deny holiday visits to Pakistan’s wonderful mountains and villages, but with the presence of suicide bombings, tribal clashes and terrorist groups, anyone on holiday would be at risk.



Haiti provides stunning tropical beaches, and the country is rich in history, yet after a recent earthquake in 2010 the nation is in devastation. Port au Prince, the country’s capital badly damaged by the earthquake is still suffering from cholera, malaria and crime is high. Tent cities and slums prevail and trouble often breaks out with protests against the Government.


Afghanistan Mountains Dangerous holiday destinations

Afghanistan Mountains

Still with political unrest and high risk of foreigner kidnapping, Afghanistan is obviously not the place to go, especially with terrorist attacks and landmines throughout the country.

Grozny, Chechnya

Even though reconstruction and transformation of the city is on-going, after war in the nineties, underground Russian mafia militias provide a high risk of kidnapping with Westerners being highly targeted. The United Nations held Grozny as the most dangerous city on earth in 2003.


Even though the countries capital Tehran is laden with hotels, parks, museums and restaurants the country has a history of anti- American anger which is still prevalent and the US have warned about unjust arrests in recent travel warnings.


No tourist visas are being offered for Iraq because of the obvious risks, but if you fancy a trip and become kidnapped for having a Western accent then your Government won’t be too obliging in coming up with your ransom. The sad side is that Iraq is filled with ancient history, mosques, Islamic wonders and Babylon.


bogota Columbia 300x225 Dangerous holiday destinations


Once known as the drug capital of Latin America, Columbia has continually tried to shake off its bad side and stepped up its tourist invitation with places like Bogota and Cartagena being tourist friendly. But America still urges caution to travellers as drug related violence is still happening.

Caracas, Venezuela

This paradise in the sun has been undermined by the deteriorating conditions in the last decade. Government issues with the population, where city glamour is so near to areas of poverty can make  Caracas an unsafe destination for any tourist. Caracas was once rated with the highest murder rate in the world.

Mogadishu, Somalia

With headlines of pirates, kidnappings, terrorist attacks and recommendations by hotels to hire armed guards on your travels, you have to be brave to venture there, but if you are bold enough then your rewards are the astounding African coastline, fantastic food, mountain views and unspoilt beech’s. Drug and weapons trafficking, civil war, and cross-border violence all plague this potentially popular destination.


Honduras has the highest per capita murder rate in the world. If you fancy taking in the Mayan ruins then be more than wary, gang related violence is still shockingly prevalent even though the police presence has increased at popular tourist attractions.


victoria falls zimbabwe Dangerous holiday destinations

victoria falls zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has it all, wildlife reserves, big game parks, Victoria Falls and beautiful natural surroundings, but politically is very fragile and trouble could break out at any time, especially where the country has outspoken it’s dislike for touring foreigners. Very fragile for discussing political issues not to mention walking on unexploded landmines.


As you can see, where poverty and political unrest prevail it makes any destination a high risk factor and most of us would give serious thought before a visit to any of the countries above. Crime exists in every country in the world and it always pays to be vigilant with your family or friends regarding safety wherever you go. But the last place on my list doesn’t suffer from high crime, political unrest, terrorism or kidnapping, it has a different beast, one which deserves vigilance of a different sort,,, radiation!


Chernobyl 300x225 Dangerous holiday destinations



Chernobyl is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination for thrill seeking travellers. As crazy as it sounds travellers are allowed to visit the site of the 1986 nuclear tragedy in the Ukrainian city, but have to sign a waiver freeing tour operators of any liability in the event of radiation exposure. Maybe the attraction is the eerie and lifeless quietness about the place, although plants and wildlife have started taking over long abandoned buildings.




I’m not sure whether I would rather be mugged by a Brazilian belly dancer called Pedro, or sit admiring the remains of a nuclear reactor while a luminous green squirrel pulls me down a huge hole!

Rhyl Beech 300x199 Dangerous holiday destinations

Rhyl North Wales

My holiday destination this year will be Rhyl  icon smile Dangerous holiday destinations



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