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Facebook Photo Sync feature, are you happy with ALL your snaps uploaded?

Facebook continue to rub certain sectors up the wrong way with privacy and data collecting issues with their release of Facebook Photo Sync feature.  The feature in the way of an app for your Andriod or iPhone is offered to you, by way of a banner included in its news feed of mobile applications. When activated it allows your most recent pictures on your phone to be uploaded to Facebook’s servers whether you like it or not, and will continue to upload automatically every picture you take from then on.  All of your pictures are then stored with Facebook (yes ALL of them), but not shared with other users until you sort out the pictures you want to share.
Facebook Photo Sync feature Facebook Photo Sync feature

Facebook Photo Sync feature

So what’s the big deal? Google already offer this feature, and it makes life easier to sort and share pictures from one central base.  But, there are concerns put forward where Facebook are able to collect your data, such as knowing who you are and who you socialise with (with Facebook’s face recognition (banned in Europe)), where you have been ,(by location data from your phone) and what kind of lifestyle you have.

The information from , Facebook Photo Sync feature at basic level could be used to tailor advertising by location, but what if a third party app got hold of your pictures or Facebook accidentally published all of them, good and bad, or changed their privacy policy in the future?  Internet security company Sophos warned: “You are no longer in charge of what photos you upload to Facebook. In the past, you could decide what images you uploaded to the social network, and which pictures it could analyse for its own purposes. Now, all photos – good and bad – will be available to Facebook.”

get started Facebook Photo Sync feature

Lets Get started!


You have to opt- in the feature by accessing the “Get started” icon on your phone, and from then on all your pictures are uploaded. You can choose whether to sync on your mobile network or your Wi-Fi. You can also disable Facebook Photo Sync by following these instructions.



Facebook are already taking in around 300 million pictures a day and this feature will substantially increase that figure. The idea may be as simple as Facebook’s entrance into cloud storage or copy the Google app, maybe target advertising to your area trends, or simply to get more new people involved, but would you want someone you didn’t know (unless you’re friendly with Mark Zuckerberg) to hold a personal map of where you are, who you know, what you buy and where you visit?


woops Facebook Photo Sync feature

Woops! How did that get there?

At the very least I can envisage some Jeremy Kyle moments from Facebook’s Photo Sync feature, when certain snaps will have automatically flown to the clouds causing panic from the phone owner, not to mention being bombarded with Nike adverts, because you and most of your friends are seen wearing them in your pictures. It’s up to you how much control you want of your personal data, so think twice when you hit that “Get started” icon.




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