Oct 272012

 Facebook scam 4o years in prison?

Back in 2010 web designer and woodworker Paul Ceglia allegedly claimed in a lawsuit that he had signed a contract allowing Ceglia rights of over half of Facebook and that in 2003 he had given Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook  $1000 as start-up money in a software development contract. The lawsuit running for two years now see’s Ceglia facing federal charges on fraud with which he could be facing forty years in prison for the Facebook scam. The hefty sentence is due to the fact that Ceglia has been issued with a criminal complaint from the Southern district of New York for mail and wire fraud using the U.S. postal service to fraudulently sue Facebook.

PaulCeglia Facebook scamWhen Mr Ceglia allegedly decided to take advantage of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, he underestimated the resolve of the Postal Inspection Service to bring him to justice for illegal use of the U.S. Mail. Investigators have said that Ceglia had replaced the first page of the real contract he signed with Zuckerberg with another page that was “doctored to make it appear as though Zuckerberg had agreed to provide Ceglia with an interest in Facebook.”

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said Ceglia’s “alleged conduct not only constitutes a massive fraud attempt, but also an attempted corruption of our legal system through the manufacture of false evidence. That is always intolerable. Dressing up a fraud as a lawsuit does not immunize you from prosecution.” It has also been said that Ceglia used the Federal Court system to perpetuate his scheme and now will be held accountable.

Mark Zuckerberg did respond to an advertisement by Ceglia in 2003 to do some programming work for him on StreetFax.com a website he was developing at the time but any other deals were allegedly doctored where additional proof shows that spacing, columns and margins in the fake contract differ from the real contract and copies of actual emails in Harvard’s backup tapes, while Zuckerberg was still an undergraduate.

zuckerburg Facebook scamThere have been others that have claimed involvement in kick starting of the social media network Facebook and all expecting a quick pay out, but have had no substance to their claims. I myself still have an original receipt for cleaning Bill Gates windows while myself, Bill and Jackie Chan were throwing around some system ideas, but on a serious note don’t you think that forty years in prison is a bit steep?



“Facebook have added a New York man’s arrest on fraud charges to their list of reasons his lawsuit claiming part ownership of the social networking giant should be dismissed”

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