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New family album?

Facebook or Twitter account when you die

 No doubt you have thought about leaving your assets to your loved ones or next of kin when you join the great heavenly social network in the sky. You may think of your assets as material objects but what about your social media accounts?

Yes as daft as it sounds lawyers in Minneapolis US. Are putting together
post death laws to deal with your online assets and it’s going to catch on!


Days gone by we used to keep all our family and friends pictures in an album that we pulled out now and again to remember loved ones, but in this day and age more of our pictures bypass the album stage and upload directly to social media sites, in fact it’s not just pictures , McAfee estimated that there is around $55,000 in consumer digital assets such as personal records, projects, career and hobby information.


So how about a Social Media Digital Executor? Or maybe leave your account information such as sign names and passwords as part of your will. Some people may request that all accounts are deleted or keep certain accounts continued as a legacy where access to photos and articles can be remembered or continued as a second generation account.

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Times have moved on


Here’s one such “online executor” offering an online safe deposit box.

AssetLock is an online safe deposit box that allows users to upload files, passwords, and instructions to be released to predetermined individuals at their death. The service also allows for email messages and printed letters to be sent. AssetLock determines you have passed by waiting for a certain number of your recipients to log in and certify your passing. Once your death is confirmed your account will be unlocked (after a time delay preset by you).”


Social media has now moved from having a few family and friends and sharing information, to having hundreds and thousands of friends or followers all who have access to your posts or pictures. This to advertisers is an instant audience to promote their products or services and taken very seriously, have you noticed there is a “like” or “tweet” button on every website you visit?.


There are already electronic posting programs and tactics to cheat Facebook and Twitter to get as many friends and followers as they can simply to get across their advertising message, some websites pay for “links” (unethical ?) back to their site to increase their Google ratings therefore reaching more customers.


Is it worth serious thought to leave your account information to next of kin as access to pictures and memories or as an investment to them? Maybe in the future these accounts may be worth substantial amounts to advertisers, depending on the fan base.


Or would you be a modern Braveheart and shout “you can take my life but you can’t take my Tweets!” or “here lies Jimi, 100.000 followers and friends! “ (I wish :D)

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  1. Thanks Dave! And big thank you for the re-tweets. You can follow Dave on Twitter @DaveK0101

  2. Nice piece Jim! I intend to leave my digital footprint to my children.


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