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First tattoo

Thinking of having a tattoo? Here are some guidlines if you are thinking of having your first tattoo.




Here are some tattoo design ideas along with some tips and medical safety points for you to be attentive if you are having a tattoo for the first time . A tattoo lasts forever and it’s a big decision so don’t rush into it with a design you may regret, do some research and only then proceed when you are 100% happy. With your first tattoo go for something small, a small tattoo can give as much personal expression as a large one and if you feel you have made a blunder it can be worked around at a later stage or be easier to cover up.

You can have a temporary tattoo if you feel your haven’t got that 100% conviction in the form of a henna tattoo which will give you time to get used to the idea, and it will wash off in a month or so. Have a chat with friends that have already had a tattoo and get a feel for, did it hurt? Where did they go? Was it a professional and clean studio?


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Unfortunately disease and infection are spreading rapidly such as hepatitis B.  Even a tiny amount of blood from someone who has the virus can pass on the infection if it gets into your bloodstream. This might be through an open wound, a cut or scratch, or from a contaminated needle. People who use drugs and share injecting equipment have a high risk of infection. Having a tattoo or body-piercing or even acupuncture can pose a small risk if unsterile equipment is used. Make sure you see the needle taken from its autoclave package in front of you, make sure they are wearing gloves, are there training certificates available? Ink or water should not be returned to a universal container to be used again and a professional will always dispose of the needles in a sharps container. Be astute, it’s your heath that is important. Now that you are armed with the boring but very important issues it’s time to have some fun choosing what type of design and where to find it.



Ankle tattoos are very popular especially for women, ankle tattoos can be a little painful because of the boney nature of the ankle with many nerves leading to the foot, if you are not comfortable with the pain think about having the tattoo completed in stages, maybe the outline first and a later visit for the colouring. An ankle tattoo can be fun and inconspicuous but can welcome attention when you want to show it off.

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back tattoo


Calligraphy tattoos can be unique features and more expressive with words that have a personal association, these come in many forms the most common being cursive script, chancery hand and running font, they can be done in a particular language with meanings or a personal statement and of course there is less shading or colouring if you want something simple.


Angel tattoos or angelic wing tattoos can be a symbol of piety and indicate supernatural pureness and beauty, they don’t have to express any religious philosophies but convey feelings of peacefulness, magnificence or having a guardian. Angel wings can be depicted on halos, hearts or crosses or by themselves on each shoulder blade stretching down to the lower back. Colours can also indicate personal identities, white for instance can represent purity whereas black represents a fallen angel or a darker interpretation such as used in a Goth style.

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Black tattoos can be understood as a traditional tattoo grey or black with traditional colouring but it can also mean an unusual type of tattoo where glow in the dark ink colouring can be used to appear in UV light or parts of your tattoo to show under different types of lighting, pretty novel i think.


There are many more types of design templates to use and a good idea is to have a look around the internet and ask friends what they think. There are internet sites that have the facility to browse at tattoo pictures and print them out for free when you have chosen the one you want, here is a good one or type tattoos in Google images search. How about designing the tattoo yourself or by an artistic friend that way it can be unique to you, it doesn’t have to be a design, it can be a real life picture where you ask a studio if they can depict it in the way you want. Again whatever you choose, don’t rush and make sure you are triple happy with your choice. Be careful with current relationship names, unfortunately the way we feel about someone can change with time whether due to yourself or your partner and the last thing you want is to be stood at a wedding ceremony with Brian holding your right arm and a tattoo ”I love Fred!” on the nape of your neck  (not funny! Mr jimi although the thought does tickle me).

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poor Fred



Now you have your tattoo you will find it is quite sore and scabby and it can develop into something quite nasty if you don’t take care of it, don’t take the bandage off as good as your tattoo may look it is still an open wound and a great place for unwanted bacteria and infection to breed. Leave it on for a minimum of two hours to keep it isolated, the only exception is if your tattoo studio has covered it with swarm wrap or a type of plastic wrap then this should be taken off immediately. Wash your tattoo when you take off your bandage with lukewarm water and a mild antibacterial soap and try to remove any ointment or blood, don’t use anything abrasive or any used washcloths. Pat the area clean with a clean paper towel and get the area dry followed by a light application of ointment such as Savlon or an A&D vitamin enriched ointment.


It is ok to shower a new tattoo just don’t over soak it. Do not bath especially in hot water or go swimming for at least two weeks. When the scabs start to dry up, don’t pick at them even if they become itchy, try slapping them lightly to take away the itch. When your tattoo has healed try keeping it out of the sun or UV rays as these can fade or damage it, protect it with 30spf or higher sunblock to keep it vibrant and fresh (also see). Now you can show the world an expression of yourself and what you have to say about yourself and maybe ready for your next tattoo.


See you soon ,,,, jimi.




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  1. In having beautiful and attractive designs of the tattoo that can properly manage.

  2. Very true Josh, and your site is a great portal regarding quality tattoo’s. The old saying remains, “you get what you pay for” Thanks for the comment.

  3. I think finding a quality tattoo artist to do your first tattoo is essential to being happy. I’ve seen a lot of people get bad tattoos as a 1st tattoo and it’s turned them off to the profession. Even if it costs a little more money, it’s something that will be with you forever so invest wisely.
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  4. Welcome Northen Ireland, great tattoos you have!

  5. The first tattoo I had was a butterfly in a rose. It’s a blue butterfly and it’s still looking like it’s new!


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