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Fitting more memory to your laptop

Fitting more memory to your laptop for the non techy

Fitting more memory to your laptop can be quite a simple process. If you’re an everyday laptop user and not very technically minded you may notice that your drive light is flickering away like crazy and your on screen pages are getting slower, with the feeling that you’re waiting for everything to catch up on itself, it may be that you require more memory (RAM Random Access Memory).

Memory for your laptop is in the form of an electronic card that can be simply inserted into your laptop without totally dismantling it. A good analogy for memory would be a painters pallet, the bigger it is the more paint you can have access to without refilling every time, making things quicker. Below is a guide to choosing and fitting more memory to your laptop, it will save you having to pay a store to install it and the great thing is you don’t have to be a techy to do it.

Firstly if your laptop is running slow then try the steps in Take care of your computer. If your laptop is still sluggish then fitting more memory to your laptop may be the answer. To see how much memory you already have in your laptop click on  StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesSystem toolsSystem information, there you will see Installed Physical Information (RAM), If it says 1G then you could definitely do with some more and will see a substantial improvement if you do so.

How to choose memory and where to buy it

I would go for a 2G card until you become confident at what you are doing then it’s your preference thereafter. You can go to a website such as and enter your laptop details to match the correct memory, or you can buy from eBay (you can message the supplier with your laptop details and ask them to suggest the best card)

Here are the simple steps to install memory:

  • Turn off the computer. Unplug the mains adaptor
  • Remove the battery (lever at rear of computer then pull out battery unit)
  • Locate memory cover at rear, undo screws and take off cover
  • There are normally two sockets if the top one is filled you will have to remove it to get access to the bottom socket
  • If both are filled replace the card with the lowest amount of memory (i.e. replace a 1G with a 2G)
  • To remove or replace a card push in two release clips (one either side)
  • Insert new card into socket and push carefully down in place
  • Replace cover and screws
  • Restart computer, if it starts beeping then your new card is either incompatible or not inserted correctly
  • Check again as described above to see how much memory (RAM) you now have

DSC00004 300x223 Fitting more memory to your laptop

DSC00005 300x225 Fitting more memory to your laptop








DSC000061 300x225 Fitting more memory to your laptop

DSC00014 300x225 Fitting more memory to your laptop








That’s it! Now you should see things improve dramatically.

(Tip; Try to hold the card by the edges only, this saves any grease from your hands contacting the connector and reduces any static from your hands reaching the circuit board).

Of course you can take your laptop to any PC repair centre and ask them to fit it but they will charge you a tidy fee! Or ask a friend to help fitting more memory to your laptop if you don’t feel confident enough. This simple fit will enhance your laptop experience and you will wonder why you didn’t do it before, especially if you only have a small amount of memory currently installed. If you already have two memory cards fitted it’s worth reading your manufacturer’s instructions to see how much more you can add.


More information from Microsoft and here’s a helpful video.


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