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Google+ will it catch on?

Google+ is the new social network but is it really a social network for Tom Dick or Harry or more for director Tom social media expert Dick and new technology assistant Harry?

Most of the content that I see on Google+ is crossed posted from other sites, great for pushing your site or being selective in pinpointing a particular subject matter that is of interest to you, but what about posting important things like “what happened last night and how did you get home?” Or “OMG the kids are driving me nuts!”?


Personally I would rather spend most of my time reading articles and learning something new but yes, I am boring and a bit geeky, Facebook or twitter would simply not do for this but the core users of Facebook and twitter don’t want this, they want to post things that don’t matter and why should they care if things don’t matter or have no substance,,,,,  its being SOCIAL.

Hot chocolate and finger biscuits? No just a plain coffee please   

Let’s take google+ Hangouts, you can choose who you want to invite into the Hangout either by name or circle and it’s great for group webcasts with friends or colleagues, wow! But who cares? People have Skype , and most aren’t bothered about that. Most core users want to share a few pics and post to their friends or family wall in between arguments and adding someone they are attracted to, yes they may be missing out on great features from Google+ but they are content with what they have be it better or worse

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Google Sharon

Dennis Troper. Product management director of Google said:


“We want to help you make the same kinds of lasting connections with your customers online the way you can in real life.”


Brilliant!  But what about Sharon who has just come in from a hen night looking worse for wear and wants to tell her friends how big her hangover is? She’s straight on Facebook or Twitter she would never entertain Google+ Mr Troper would have been better offering free cocktail vouchers  or a new bubble game. If Google+ is aimed at the niche crowd to enjoy then that’s great but it isn’t going to compete with Facebook or Twitter.

Give Google+ a chance you may say it has lots more features and you may be correct, but that’s the point, people don’t want to give it a chance they are settled in their ways and it will need a stick of dynamite to move them into learning the new Google way and why should they if they already have all they need?  Maybe Google should do what they do best and leave Facebook to it on the social side or are Facebook getting too big for their boots with more and more advertising hitting you in the face at every click maybe they need the competition? How will Google+ be as attractive to Sharon as she is to me? icon smile Google+ will it catch on?


 Interesting Update

Facebook looking at being a search engine, competition for Google?

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Competing with the big boys

Personal rant on Google search, if you walked into a shop and asked for a cake in the biggest cake shop in the world and they offered you a rake or a snake because they had more sales with rakes, or snakes wouldn’t that drive you nuts? Well it’s the same if you type in jimbase on a Google search you get “did  you mean jambase” no I didn’t! ok I realise it’s because jimbase is a young site and jambase is a substantial site, but aren’t you suppose to get what you ask for or doesn’t Google know the difference between an A and an I? icon smile Google+ will it catch on?


See you soon,,, jimi


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  3 Responses to “Google+ will it catch on?”

  1. Very grateful for the comment Darryl, especially from someone so well educated in Social Media. Of course you’re correct, any webmaster without it would be foolish. It’s another branch of the Google tree we all have to climb.

  2. I think you’re right on the money here. Casual, social users for the most part aren’t going to jump onto Google’s bandwagon at first, although Google+ is aggressively targeting handhelds, it has yet to be seen if this strategy will overcome the dominance of Facebook and other Social Media Platforms on mobile devices.

    The biggest selling point of Google+ is the fact that it’s given significant clout in Google Search, which means that anyone looking to raise their profile online in order to gain followers or customers is foolish to ignore it.

    I think you’ll see more than just dedicated internet marketers moving to Google+, but I also don’t see people using it much for casual purposes…

  3. I believe you have mentioned some very interesting points , thankyou for the post.


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