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Build your own website


Ever thought about owning your own website? It’s not as difficult as you may think. If you are passionate or knowledgeable about a particular subject then it’s a good start, even without any passion or knowledge you can still make a website, maybe air your views to the world or start a forum or blog for general discussion. I didn’t have a clue before I made this site and am still on a learning curve but really enjoy the experience. Being honest with you I’m also hoping to make a little money by getting some revenue every time that someone clicks on one of my adverts but that’s of secondary importance.

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So how did I build this Website? I’ll tell you!  With 400 cups of tea and a good few cakes thrown in!

I though It was a requirement to learn HTML and CSS (some sort of Star Trek language were a 300 paragraphs of the language transcribes into one word on your webpage) so I thought sod that, but then with a little reading I found that a website can be made easier than setting a washing machine for two pre rinses and a colour cotton wash (is there such a programme?).Obviously if you can learn HTML then your understanding of making the site will be a breeze, I’m too impatient (or stupid) to learn it but that’s just me.

So, here is what I did, and honestly, you can do it too!  The following is my journey and like I said, I’m still learning everyday and I must remind you that I’m not the brightest of sparks. I may have made a few mistakes on the way and someone will no doubt say “oo you should have done it this way or that”, but hey! I’m here and it works, just about, and some stages provide a challenge but you don’t learn unless you try.


Where was I? Oh yes here’s how to make a  basic Website

Read as much as you can on the subject. Everything you need to know is on the Web.

Buy a name for your site (domain name) e.g.

Find a Host Company for your site ( A Host Company will send it out to the internet world for you).

The Host Company will give you templates (building blocks to make your site looks pretty, all self explanatory)

Have a go and a play with templates (building blocks to make your site looks pretty, all self explanatory)

Ask the Hosting Company for any help you need, then publish your Website (show it to the world)

That’s it!,,, Honestly!


Ok here are the tips and simple details

I thought, maybe like you, that a name would cost about £3000 or more but you can buy a (domain) name for about £10, yes £10 and get this! It’s yours and you own it! For as long as you want.

Even a Host Company can be free, some throw in your domain name too!

Be careful what content you put in your new Website, content is the reading material that fills the pages and you don’t have to be a professor of English to write either because there are many tools like Microsoft word,  thesaurus and spell check, whatever you write about try not to upset anyone.

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horses for courses

“Mr Jimi, why you always say horses”?  What horses!? “The horses for courses”!  Oh right yes! In other words, the above will give you a decent but very basic Website and chuffed you will be with it! But if you want to run a business site or start selling something or make money from adverts, then it gets a little more complicated to the next level involving SEO (search engine optimization, getting your site seen by a lot of people),  META TAGS  (pointers to search pages) and lots of other topics.


Again if you want serious stuff, you are better paying for a Host Company rather than a free one (free sites can have restrictions on what you want to do), buy a domain name from a different company than the Host Company, it depends how high up the ladder you want to go, but the higher you go the more money you will spend, just like everything else in life. By the way if you are parting with money, look at the small print or ask the Company if they have transfer fees or contract termination fees just so you know where you stand. I could like other sites mention a few company names here, but I won’t, simply because most sites get a backhander to mention the companies on their site, and this only clouds a fair search for the beginner.


Do your own search! It’s not as hard as you think, type in “buy a domain name” and/or “Web Hosting sites” into your search engine and spend some time looking at peoples blogs on the Companies that you find (I find that blogs are real peoples experience of Companies).

I use  WordPress, a free platform that helps you build the basic blocks as I mentioned earlier. WordPress is very good especially if you want your own blog, which seems to be very popular today and it’s great fun choosing the way you want your site to look and behave as in certain themes you can choose and plugins (add ons to your site) it actually becomes addictive.


Don’t let anything scare you because with a little research most things can be sorted out quickly, start off small, make a few mistakes (it won’t kill you). I’m sure most of you know more than me about how to navigate your mobile or do anything with Facebook, well it’s just the same thing (remember the first time you logged on to Facebook or whatever social network you use? I bet you didn’t have a clue, but now look at you!)  have a go!  You will be surprised at what you can do!

See you soon,   Jimi.

P.S.   If you never hear from me again it means I’ve done something wrong.

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