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We have all had that little accident when someone spills something on your favourite carpet and most of us rush to find something close to hand to clear it up, but below are some tips on how to remove carpet stains in the home, especially them stubborn carpet stains and how to tackle them. Unfortunately there is never a guarantee to remove every stain but the methods will give a professional carpet cleaner a head start and more chance of success if called.

Main tips!

  • Never over-wet to down to the backing.
  • Blot, never rub or scrub hard.
  • Always use recommended dilution ratios from the manufacturer if using a specific product.
  • Never use washing up liquid, washing powder or bleach.
  • Encourage quick drying (carefully use a hairdryer on mild heat to assist)
  • Keep the carpet as dry as possible.
  • Deal with stains as quickly as possible.
  • Scrape up or blot up any excess before treatment.
  • Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent material not directly onto the carpet.
  • Always test on an inconspicuous area of carpet before treating a stain.
  • Always work from the outside to in at the stain.

Dry Cleaning Solution – Surgical Spirit (usually available from local Chemists).

Detergent Solution – One teaspoonful of gentle detergent for washing woollens, to half a pint (0.3 litres) of warm water.

Ammonia Solution – One teaspoonful of branded household Ammonia (available from hardware stores) to one cup of warm water.

Detergent Vinegar Solution – Add one teaspoonful of white (not malt) vinegar to the Detergent Solution.

carpet spill How to remove carpet stains in the home

Fat, Oil, and Wax 

Place a paper towel over the carpet and iron on warm setting. The wax, fat, or oil should come up off the carpet and stick to the paper towel.

Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Liquid Foods, Urine

Blot up surplus spillage. Use Detergent Vinegar Solution, a little at a time work from the outer edge of the stain inwards frequently blot with dry cloths.

Chocolate, Sweets, Blood, Egg, Ice Cream, Milk, Soft Drinks, Vomit

Scrape up excess with a blunt knife use a mild detergent solution, starting at the outer edge blot dry follow up with Ammonia Solution blot dry.

Chewing, Oil, Ointment, Shoe Polish

Scrape up excess with a blunt knife use a dry cleaning solution followed by Detergent Vinegar Solution blot dry.

Nail Polish 

Blot the area with a rag dipped in nail polish remover.

Wax and Chewing Gum

Use ice to freeze the wax or gum, then shatter it with a blunt object, such as a spoon. Vacuum before the pieces soften, and blot the carpet with a white towel.


Moisten a cotton ball or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and press it on the affected area. Once the glue residue is thoroughly moistened, gently wipe it off and repeat until the carpet is clean.


Try 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water (but not on wool or wool-blend carpet; instead use mild detergent and water). If that doesn’t work, you can try one part chlorine bleach to five parts water, but only on solution-dyed carpets, such as polypropylene. Bleach will harm other types of carpets; check with the manufacturer if you are unsure what type of carpet you have.

Cigarette Burns 

These can be removed by gently rubbing the pile with the edge of a hard and flat surface, such as a dull knife.


Final Procedure for all above

Mix one-part white vinegar and four-parts water, pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray over the stained area, blot dampened area (do not rub) to remove excess moisture, spread white kitchen towel (stacked 6-8 sheets deep) or absorbent cloth over the affected area and place a weight on top overnight and repeat if necessary.  Be aware that if your carpet is wet for more than 24 hours, you risk mildew and bacteria growth.







(Always refer to your carpet manufacturers cleaning methods first, never use bleach or hard detergents, always try a small area first and work inwards, always dry out as soon as possible but never with extreme heat. Jimbase.com accepts no responsibility for any outcome used in the tips mentioned, if possible ask for expert advice, all research from reputable advice on the Internet).




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