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Make money 

Ok so you want to make money, don’t we all! You will read about schemes on how to become rich and make money and very cleverly be drawn into success stories, but it’s always good policy to step back and have a breather and think to yourself, if a particular scheme is so successful then why is the person so reliant on you participating in the scheme? Basically because they
have something to sell and maybe make enough money to live on a week or monthly basis. The following can make money but it won’t be a life changing amount. The only way to make lots of money is to either work hard for it or have it given to you! If you know any other way please Email me as soon as possible icon smile Make money .

I will start with the best ideas and run down to the not so good ideas, but something in the latter may seem a great idea to you personally, these are  just my choices.


Sell items on Ebay  

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Online auction

Believe it or not there are people who haven’t given Ebay a try, have a go! It’s really simple. Perhaps your concerns are giving your bank details online but with the use of Paypal it can really be secure, Paypal is a kind of buffer between you and your bank account and the person you deal with whether buying or selling to. Have a look around your home or garage for items you no longer require, sign up to an Ebay account, take a picture of the item along with a short description and sit back waiting for people to bid on your item, the winning bidder will get in touch with you regarding how to pay. Pick up or postage details, it’s really that simple and sometimes quite exciting when your item returns more than you thought, although it can work the other way around so have a look at similar items as your own to get an idea of value, you can set  a reserve price if you like.


Sell your gold

Have a look around for gold items you no longer require broken or not, most high street jewellers will buy second-hand gold and will give you a decent percentage of the ‘spot’ gold price (the price that it is bought and sold on the global markets). There are postal and websites offering money for your gold, I wouldn’t  bother with these as they only offer around 70% some as low as 20% of the spot price and you don’t have direct contact with them if something goes wrong. If you need money right now then this could be for you, that is if you have gold in the first place! Also worth noting is that if the global economy continues to gets tougher then your gold will be worth more in the future.


Car boot sales

Again it’s all about unwanted items you may have, but it’s actually a fun way to make extra money. Search out the local papers for events and set up your stall, it usually costs around £5-10 pounds for a stall a wallpapering table is ideal to show your fare, little tips are try to set up near a food stall or the entrance, arrive early and pack all your goods the night before ensuring the table goes in last, how about taking some squash and plastic cups if it’s a nice day and offer your customers a free drink they may be inclined to buy something. Set up a sign “everything must go!” near the end of your day. If you find you enjoy this you can buy last minute bargains from other stalls and sell them for a higher price next time you set up.


Working from home

If you have an expertise in any particular subject such as sowing, photography, painting, making jewellery, art and craft pieces then why not set up a little website or Facebook page exhibiting your work, or advertise your skill in local stores and papers, visit local art fairs. Once you get a good reputation you can bump up your prices based on recommendations of your work. This is more of a home business so don’t forget the taxman.


Online surveys  freeimage 2902864 200x300 Make money

You can make money from online surveys as well as receiving vouchers and gifts but I must warn you that it requires the patients of a saint! The same questions and ticking boxes can drive you nuts and take hours a day to fill in a few questioners for little reward. Try or Ciao. So yes it can be done but it really depends on the person doing it. You may end up wanting to pay someone to never see a survey again for the rest of your life icon smile Make money .


Mystery shopper

The kind of work you could be expected to do varies from having a meal in a restaurant, to going into a shop and enquiring about or purchasing a product or service. Where you are a mystery diner you get the cost of your meal reimbursed. When you purchase a product you will occasionally get to keep the product, along with being compensated for your time. Try JKS Mystery Shopping  or Zoo people.


Rent your couch  freeimage 4898887 300x240 Make money

Budget travellers are often low on cash and in need of a bed and cup of coffee in the morning, as well as a welcoming home. If you can spare a sofa or mattress then you might just be the answer to the prayers of the many travellers trekking the globe. You can earn money by charging a small fee for someone to stay for a few nights. Services such as allow you to list for free, choose your guests and arrange availability, and also have procedures for reservation and cancellation. Also check out Rentasofa, and be sure to take care of insurance and the security of valuables – none of the websites will be liable if things go wrong. As well as making money you could get to meet some interesting people, or have a nutcase in your home? icon smile Make money .


Parking spaces

If you live in a busy area where parking is hard to find and you have a driveway with extra space or a garage then you can rent your space, this can be quite a little earner without outlay. Try Parkatmyhouse or Yourparkingspace.


Your garden

Yes believe it or not you can rent out your garden if it’s quite large to passing campers decide what facilities you want to add on and how much cheaper you can be compared to local camping sites. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? But people actually make money from it, checkout


So there you go! Some obvious and some quirky ideas, there are many more ideas out there and it depends how imaginative you are but don’t forget there are no get rich quick ideas (that I know) Whatever you do involves a little effort for it to succeed and it’s down to you. If someone promises large amounts of money for doing nothing except paying them a small amount then it’s a scam and you will end up losing your hard earned cash.

See you soon,,,,, Jimi

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