Oct 042012
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No more Windows? Ok so Google thinking outside the box again, but its latest idea is actually being put into effect soon. Google’s idea is that you won’t need the Windows, Macintosh or Linux Operating systems that we all take for granted, the idea is that Google wants you to access, operate, and edit all your files on the Internet.

Google has developed a lightweight operating system of its own, the first new competition for Windows and Macs in years. It’s called Chrome OS. And it could be a revelation in the way we use computers. The idea is when you get a new computer you won’t need a hard drive, no computer crashes, no trouble finding  your files, no requirement for anti-virus as everything is secure on Google’s servers (basically using the Internet as your hard drive).

google ducks 150x150 No more Windows?Google reckon that most of our computer time is spent on the internet anyway (90%) and its operating system will be the portal to all your apps and files, Web pages, e-mails, documents on Google Docs, photos stored at Flickr, video chats, streaming music and video etc. Your current operating system takes time loading up and using memory with all the background stuff going on just to access your browser in the first place, will be a thing of the past. Google say that their system will take around 7 seconds booting up time according to their early tests.

Eitan Bencuya  Google’s spokesman has said “We’ll have more to share before the end of the year” and the new operating System will only be available on new machines.

So, good idea? Well yes in theory and I can see some “techy types” utilizing the system to their hearts content, but as ever I think that Google always forget to bring Mr and Mrs “Where have all my pictures gone Jeff?” into the equation, in other words people like to keep what they have whether it be apps, files, music or video and especially personal information all in their little black box where they feel they have total control even if they don’t know what they are doing.

servers 150x150 No more Windows?The other thing to think about is although Google will have “backup” systems to ensure your data is never lost when remotely stored, there is always the issue of trust, not only about your information being handled by someone else but what if Google’s servers go down and you cannot get access or they are hit with a virus that gets through their filters, or even worse if they get hacked and all your data is stolen?

Would you trust someone you didn’t know with all your files? Would there be restrictions on what you can browse, download or view? Thinking outside the box does drive the future in technology and thumbs up to Google for that, we will wait and see if it becomes popular, but for now I’m sticking to my old faithful hard drive and back it up regularly even though it takes half an hour to boot up! icon smile No more Windows?

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