Jun 112013
Depression can affect  us all

How to handle depression Depression can affect  us all at some point in our lives, either directly, or through a loved one or work colleague. Some people don’t even realise they have it and shrug it off without concern, while the effects on others can drastically change their lives. The worse thing to do with [...]

May 272013
Hate your job?

Do you seriously hate your job? Do you have that sinking feeling when you think of going to work, maybe it comes the night before, or on route. Do you seriously hate your job? Of course there are people who love their job and can’t wait another minute to start, these are the lucky ones, [...]

May 202013

Mosquitos and their deadly parasite are getting smarter. According to The World Health Organization, there were around 219 million cases of Malaria in 2010 which caused 660,000 deaths, Africa being the most affected with 90% of the deaths. While other countries, such as Malaysia and Bhutan have seen falling levels, but there are “hot pops” ( [...]

May 152013
What is an Abalone?

Save the Whale! Save the Dolphin! Save the Abalone? What is an Abalone I hear you say? Well there is a famous board game with the name of Abalone, but I’m talking about a sea creature that belongs to the phylum Mollusca group which includes scallops, clams, sea slugs, squid and octopuses. Molluscs are predominantly [...]

May 032013
Twitter come first

Electronic Frontier Foundation annual data release report. Who has your back covered when it comes to publishing on the Internet? Well it seems Twitter come first in the ratings for protecting users, along with Sonic.net. Twitter likes to portray itself as the micro blogging organisation that protects individual rights and freedoms. Twitter seems to indicate [...]

Apr 292013
God, or science

God, or science? Is it the wrong question to begin with? In the past few centuries science has gradually overtaken many of the traditional grounds for believing in God. What was once mysterious, with no perceivable answer was almost certainly put down to the powers that be, science has unravelled many of these mysteries which [...]

Apr 152013
Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Who? What do we know about North Koreas Kim Jong- Un? It seems quite strange that there is little known about one of the worlds most discussed leaders, especially one who has come to the forefront with his threats to The United States. But because of the secret nature of North Korea, it’s [...]

Apr 112013
kitchen conversion chart

The kitchen cheat sheet. Here’s a useful kitchen conversion chart, with some extra tips. Remember the times when you were comparing the weight of a bag of sugar to a bag of rice then taking away three portions and multiplying by two for an extra portion, or was that just me! Anyway all the problems [...]

Apr 102013
3D Printing

Haven’t heard of 3D Printing?   Imagine for a moment, that maybe some time in the future, that at the press of a button you could replicate anything you like, you know, kind of like in the Star Trek movies, where a laser magically scans in front of you and hey presto! You have a [...]

Apr 072013
Increasing potassium and reducing salt intake

Increasing potassium and reducing salt, will have major health benefits. Bmj.com medical research site has released a paper explaining that by cutting down salt intake, and at the same time increasing potassium intake in our diet, will have major benefits worldwide. The research also indicates that millions of lives will be saved every year from [...]

Apr 072013
Greatest explosions

Greatest explosions, ever! Here’s a few of the greatest explosions ever! From accidental manmade explosions, to natural explosions light years away. One thing is for sure, there are more to come, and hopefully these are natural explosions we can observe from the safety of planet Earth, and not accidental caused by ourselves.   Tunguska Explosion [...]

Apr 012013

Why are antibiotics losing the fight against infection? Are the days of the effectiveness of antibiotics over? What once appeared to be a miracle cure, antibiotics are losing the battle against super bugs in bacterial infection. While there has always been concern that bacteria are catching up in the fight with antibiotics, the worrying thing [...]

Mar 312013
Next generation video graphics

Game Developers Conference news If you like console and PC games, you may have been interested in the GDC (game developers conference) at the Moscone Convention Centre in San Francisco. At the conference, one of the events exhibited  a video of the next generation video graphics, unveiling Epic’s new Unreal Engine 4 demo, called “Infiltrator” [...]