Painting with acrylics

Here is a kick-start lesson in painting with acrylics. Painting with acrylics can give you hours of enjoyment and doesn’t require any expensive outlay, but the rewards can be fantastic whether they be in your produced paintings or the fun you have painting them.

DSC00022 Copy 150x150 Painting with acrylics

woman sitting

I started painting as a hobby with cheap materials and taught myself basic techniques from watching Utube  video’s, I joined an art class at college and eventually achieved a level where I sold quite a few paintings and even had a painting exhibited in my local Art Gallery which reciprocated more joy from my hobby.


Painting with acrylics can be a great hobby, and not too expensive at a beginners level. Acrylic paint is made from pigment mixed with acrylic resin and can be mixed with water to thin or other mediums to thicken, one of the features of acrylic paint is that it is quick drying. An advantage of acrylic paints is that there are no solvents involved.


Like everything else painting with acrylics is no different to any hobby, you get what you pay for where materials are involved, but at beginners level paint is only a couple of pounds and a canvas can be bought for less as can brushes, these won’t be great quality but good enough at starter and practice level and if you enjoy it you can move to quality paint, canvas and brushes then it’s up to you how much you want to pay. Some quality brands are Winsor and Newton and Daler Rowney.


Basic materials required

Buy yourself a paint set of economy acrylic paints these can be bought at most hobby shops don’t buy premium paints at first until you find this hobby is for you.

Again cheap canvas these are available in different sizes try a 30x40cm size to start.

Kit yourself out with a basic brush set, in the case of brushes I would actually bypass the bargain brush set and buy something mid-range or whatever you can afford as cheap brushes can ruin your first time experience by hairs dropping out of the brush or the varnish crumbling away from the brush handle.

A cheap easel a handy tool, but not a necessity, some people like to paint on the floor.

You will also require plastic sandwich type containers ,these are easy to wash and can also be used as a pallet, a good sheet (acrylic paint can be difficult to remove when dry but easy to wash off wet).

Pencil and eraser. (these will be used to sketch on your canvas but don’t worry you don’t have to be great at drawing either)

Varnish or lacquer can be quite expensive, so I would skip buying it until you find your feet.

Of course, this is a basic set up and investment in quality materials will come when you know a little more or want to take your hobby further.


Start as I did, by watching Utube video lessons. Learn about blending and colour wheels, how to use and what type of brush, spend an hour on each of the following, how to paint a simple sky, clouds, trees, grass, water then move on to portraits or more difficult subjects. It’s amazing how quickly you pick up tips and techniques and the more you arm yourself with the more a proficient painter you become.

A fantastic starter painting would be a sunset, it’s relatively easy to do and the results are very rewarding it also gives you inspiration to carry on painting as in all hobbies your early results can put you off all together, don’t let it! As I always say whatever subject you venture on don’t be scared to have a go! The most famous of painters started at the level you are at. Another tip is to ignore what others think of your painting, it’s YOUR painting and as long as you are happy with it then that’s all that matters.


DSC00012 244x300 Painting with acrylics

Abstract family/Artist Jimi Ellis

There is a world of resource on the internet and I could keep you here all day reading about palette knifes, styles, techniques,  impasto this and sgraffito that. But I’m not here to show off and this article is a kick-start, all the complicated stuff will come clear as you advance, but for now keep things simple, you’re not going to be the next Jackson Pollock overnight.

new tree 150x150 Painting with acrylics

new tree

Most of all have fun! Painting can be very relaxing and rewarding, you don’t have to have a natural talent, I haven’t! But I love seeing my final finished painting and no matter what anyone thinks about it, it’s mine and I created it.


The images in this article contain some of my original paintings, I particularly like loud bright colours and semi abstract paintings that brighten up a room, you will find your own style in your own way as to what you like. Below I have included some links to starter videos on Utube .


Good luck and see you soon,,, Jimi.


Utube video  simple sky  simple clouds  tree   blending  simple sunset   grass   water 

A couple of my paintings.


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