Dec 072012
social media infographic

How does Social Media creep into our study and work time?

Here’s a shared Social Media Info graphic from the educational website on the effects Social Media can have, not only with our time but the real cost of being unproductive at work. is also a great resource for education, science, health and technology, and well worth a visit.

SOCIAL MEDIA AT WORK Social Media Info graphic


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  2 Responses to “Social Media Info graphic”

  1. Hi Dave, unfortunately social media has been taken over by business promotion, it’s now all about “likes” and the such. One example is Facebook becoming saturated with adverts.

  2. for me, I get great use and time savers using social media, or really just the internet in general. I watch less boring TV……. 3,000 channels and still NOTHING GOOD TO WATCH, basic stuff aside. Social Media has lost it’s charm for me now, I’ve made plenty of connections with friends long lost and made new connections. Now it’s just a routine, like checking email.


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