Nov 172012
The handsome Blobfish

The handsome Blobfish

The handsome Blobfish is facing extinction as he (or she?) lives at depths of between 600 and 1.200 metres and recently the blobfish has been threatened by deep water bottom trawling in the ocean around the coast of Australia.

The handsome Blobfish 1 The handsome Blobfish

The handsome Blobfish

Known as the Blobfish or Psychrolutes marcidus, this rarely seen salt water fish lives on crustaceans such as crabs just above the ocean floor. Nature has designed the fish to have a density just slightly less than water, which means it can maintain buoyancy to feed and is also able to withstand incredible pressures from the ocean above.

The handsome Blobfish 2 The handsome Blobfish

Because of the lack of muscles in the fish it seems to deflate when brought out of the water unlike most other fish. The blobfish were first discovered in 1926 by Australian ichthyologist Alan Riverstone McCulloch, during dredging to survey local fauna off of East Australia. Ok, this little fish may not be the most attractive fish in our oceans but it does have a certain characteristic that provokes sympathy where yet again mankind imposes itself in places that should be left well alone.


Squidward The handsome Blobfish



Although Squidward is obviously a Squid i can see the resemblance, can you see a resemblance to anyone you know? icon smile The handsome Blobfish





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 Images: Telegraph. 

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