Nov 272012
The tallest building in the world 2

The tallest building in the world in 90 days!

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it took five years to reach its 828-meter, (2,716 feet) height, but the Chinese plan on building a pre-fabricated Mega building that will tower above the Burj Khalifa by another 10 metres and all within 90 days!

The building apply nicknamed Sky City and soon to be the tallest building in the world, will consist of a school, hospital, 17 helipads and apartments to house 30,000 people. Construction plans first reported by CNN explain that the building will be a 220 storey building built with pre-fabricated modules dropped into place by a central crane work on an area of farmland near the Chinese city of Changsha.

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Broad construction

The company handling the project, China’s Broad Sustainable Building Corporation are not new to such projects and recently built a 30 storey tower block in just 15 days in December 2011 and although the new Sky City building seems ambitious, the company already have green lights from Government agencies in Changsha province.

Broad plans to start laying the foundations at the end of November with the three month race against the clock starting at the end of the year and running through March with the completion of the 2,749-ft. tall skyscraper, the world’s tallest in just three months. The 90 day construction deadline target will start at a rate of roughly five stories a day.



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The building will use less concrete in the floors and less steel in the support beams than conventional high rise buildings, which will reduce its weight and therefore make it more resilient to earthquakes and can withstand a 9.0 magnitude temblor, according to Broads chief executive officer Zhang Yue. When complete, Sky City will have 104 elevators, 220 floors and floor space of 1 million square meters (10.7 million square feet), 6 inch thick walls, quadruple glazed windows and use one fifth of the energy a traditional scaled buildings use.


When the Eiffel tower and the Empire state building were built, they were a showcase to the world of their countries technical and financial capabilities and a statement of power, this seems to be the case in today’s China. There have been reports of new buildings collapsing in China, usually due to cutting corners in building techniques, but there are also incidents in the U.S. Whether this relatively new use of modular design is the forefront of high tech or pure ambition only time will tell. Would you spend a night on the top floor in its opening week?

The video gives you the idea of construction method that the Sky City will utilize when Broads built a 30 storey tower block in just 15 days.


(The Chinese still use bamboo as scaffolding on their buildings, it’s inexpensive, light and strong, “in this project bamboo will definitely not be used” said Wey Too Hi Chief bamboo expert :))


Sky City put on hold because of traffic congestion. See Forbes article by Simon Montlake

It’s on, it’s off. it’s on again! Latest news, it’s ready to go! See


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