Aug 132012

It’s the drink i tell ya!

Firstly this is not an anti drink campaign, I enjoy a few beers myself, but a few thoughts here. What would you do if you were sober and you were with someone that had too much to drink? Do you have a laugh at their expense or does it really annoy you?

drink 150x150 Too much to drink?I suppose it depends on the relationship you have with the person and whether it is a ‘one off’ situation. I can get verytrans Too much to drink?annoyed even to someone close if they are too drunk to stand up. Spilling red wine on my carpet, droppingtrans Too much to drink?my lap top burning my couch with a cigarette while being maliciously vindictive to me and not understanding simple reason! That’s a rare occurrence fortunately, but is it their fault or the drink? The subject of drinking alcohol is nothing new and will never retire but here are my views below.

Just a couple examples here of the problems drinking alcohol in public relating to anti-social behaviour in our towns and cities:-

British Transport Police (BTP) has had to respond to hundreds of drink-related incidents  in the last year, with an increasing number of trains delayed due to anti-social behaviour.

Police are reminding people that anyone caught offending risks being arrested, summonsed or given an on the spot fine. Officers will also be handing out warning letters to those recently involved in anti-social behaviour underage drinking. And anyone under the age of 18 caught drinking alcohol in a public place can expect it to be seized and they will be returned home.

I’m not intelligent enough to understand the social reasons for these increasing problems especially in our youth, maybe it’s the attitude we are young, we only live once so why not enjoy it! Or is that personal trigger cut off point of having enough to drink missing?

A good night out

Personally for me a good night out is meeting friends, making more friends, having fun and embarrassing myself to the level where I know I have had enough alcohol and its time to go home, and what’s wrong with that?  “Ah but would you do that at a christening Mr jimi?” good point Chan! Of course the format changes depending on the social environment you are drinking in, so if it was a family get together then I would drink in moderation not wanting to risk spoiling the event with anticipation of an embarrassing moment but, would drink more if it was a night out with the lads. But isn’t that obviously common sense? Maybe it’s the common sense moment that isn’t there or disappears well before the stage that motivates anti social behaviour.

1 Too much to drink?

I like to enjoy a drink, a glass or three of wine when at home or a few pints when I’m out and hopefully have never upset anyone along the way. Many a time I have come across people drinking in public and that instinctive mechanism kicks in where one has to be wary of the situation especially if it looks like they have had a few too many especially in a crowd situation.


All the above is centred around having a good time and knowing how to handle or self control your drinking instinctively without being a disciplinarian, but there are also those that drink alcohol not to have a good time but to enter a black hole as a retreat from their depression or personal worries, you won’t find these people drinking in crowds around towns and cities, these are people who drink privately. There’s no social status involved, it ranges from mums to rock stars but can have a devastating effect on themselves, loved ones and individuals around them.


There is no cut off point involved here, because that would ruin the desired conclusion which is to escape the world inside their head for a short while. There are those that sit alone quietly entering this black hole affecting no one but themselves but there are others that can get violent and make life hell for persons close enough to be in the firing line. This is the most serious category in my view, whether they are alcoholics or not and are on the top of the list for need of help as individuals. All the problems of drinking above have been there since time immemorial and whether they increase or decrease relating to social trends or intensive pressures of coping with life they will always be there.



See you soon,  jimi.


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