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What you would do without your phone or computer

What would you do without your phone or computer?

Have you ever thought what you would do without your phone or computer? These days we take technology for granted and use our phone and computers as second nature. I attended a course the other day, and a guy there was asked to follow the courses induction instructions on a pc when he exclaimed he had never used a computer and didn’t know how to switch it on! It got me thinking about what he did all day every day of the week and how he got by.

After chatting to him and asking politely what he did with his time, he told me he worked on a farm, woke at 5am every morning, tended to the animals and spent the rest of the day between maintaining the fields and farmhouse, at night he watched television and retired to bed just before 10 pm after reading a book. He and his family had a weekly visit to town where he caught up with his friends, bought food, clothes and paid their bills. I was quite envious of his lifestyle he was a well-built healthy looking guy with a sociable manner and was preparing and looking forward to getting married in a couple of months.

In contrast here’s a list of things I do that take up a considerable amount of time. Ok most are work related but I’m sure quite a few ring a bell with yourself;

What you would do without your phone or computer3 What would you do without your phone or computer?

Not a phone or pc in site

  • promoting my websites on social media sites
  • take a look at the news from around the world
  • research topics that I think people may be interested in
  • Keep up to date with news from friends and family members on Facebook
  • spend half an hour Tweeting
  • search and download technical stuff to aid my pc
  • Quite a bit of time texting
  • Paying bills online
  • Shopping online (usually eBay)
  • Checking out the weather online
  • Searching for picture ideas for inspiration to paint
  • Downloading films and music
  • Using APPS
  • Tidying up my files and deleting unwanted
  • Updating my anti-virus
  • Chatting to family on Skype
  • Writing articles on Microsoft Word
  • Searching for interesting images
  • Playing computer games

So there you go and lots more to boot, sometimes it can be 3am in the morning when I’ve realised it’s time to retire, and now and then I will do a painting or play guitar in between eating and making social visits, going for walks, sometimes easing off at weekends to enjoy myself. Actually looking at the above it seems like I have a low quality of life, but actually I enjoy using my computer and phone and quality of life is about enjoyment isn’t it?

In the good old days (here we go! :)) People spent most of their time focused on family interaction here’s some things they did that occupied their time;

What you would do without your phone or computer2 What would you do without your phone or computer?

Early iPhone with Email

  • telling stories,
  • playing games,
  • using the phone in emergencies or waiting in a queue at a phone booth,
  • jumping in the car for days out
  • posting letters to update family news,
  • taking pictures and waiting 3 weeks to develop,
  • Big event with a town visit,
  • reading a books
  • riding bikes
  • listen to the radio or watching TV
  • cooking
  • gardening
  • knitting or sowing
  • playing musical instruments
  • making models
  • playing cards
  • jigsaw puzzles


The two lists aren’t really that dissimilar ( are they?), but a reflection of our times and advances in technology, and there’s nothing stopping anyone from participating in all the above if they can make time. But I have read comments where people say that in the past there was less obesity because of more outdoor activities, less laziness, more family integration with less time consumed playing games or on a computer, especially for the younger generation.


What you would do without your phone or computer4 1024x576 What would you do without your phone or computer?

Table set for the modern family

But the benefits of today’s technology also enable business to thrive, open a portal to information for learning, stay in touch with distant family, manage data in a minute that had taken weeks years ago, taking a look at the world without leaving the room and lots more.

Then again a relative of mine runs his own business, he uses a ten year old Nokia for calls very rarely uses the PC, never uses Facebook or Twitter, yet he has a good amount of friends, a good social life, is far from detached in knowing what’s going on in the world, and is hands on with any project he comes across.

So could you give up your phone or computer for a month, use a phone box or write a letter to keep up to date with your friends, nip to the library to research a subject, play family games or outside make a vegetable plot, or maybe spend the night watching TV, knit a jumper or play cards? Although I’m sure many people do exactly that on a daily basis, for a short amount of time I could too, and probably enjoy it, but I’d be aching to get back to my PC and phone every minute. What would you do without your phone or computer?

See you soon,,, Jimi.


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  1. Thanks Dave! Yes it’s all about what’s available to us at the time, i’m sure people will look back at us. for being in the Dark Ages at some point in the future.

  2. Nice read Jimi!! When I go fishing (its been a long time since I have) BUT when I do!! I take my phone so I can share my catch with all my peeps!! I played Dungeons & Dragons before computers, took up lots of time, but at the same time, I learned more math skills, developed my vocabulary and more. I’m too young to remember a time without a basic home phone. But I’m old enough to remember having no color (cause my dad says we were poor) I think he was cheap! LOL. and we could change or tune the TV by stomping our feet on the floor!! now thats technology!!

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