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Trustworthy womens links sites you may want to check out, please if you are aware of other good sites for women then drop me a post in the comments box below, thank you.



Easy clear cut recipes here!


Women’s heath 

Finally the world’s fastest-growing magazine is arriving on British shores – and in style.



Lots of offers and deals, you can choose your locality too!


Women in Construction Action Network

Free online courses


super savvy me

Beauty, health and family subjects join the savvy circle.



Cnet has all the latest reviews on electronic electronics but not only that,

it is a huge site for downloading free applications to your PC.


Love the garden

Everything you need to know about your garden.


Next for women

Full range of the latest fashions.


Helping with homework

Your children’s homework a challenge? This may help.


Working for yourself

Some ideas if you’r fed up with being told what to do.


Normal blood pressure for women

Good tips for lowering blood pressure.


women’s life/style The Guardian


Great gift ideas for your man

Does your man like gadgets?



Great all round gadgets here!


Log in manager

No more typing to log into your favourite sites, one click does it all!








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